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We all need a little haven for our data. That little spot where our documents are backed up to automatically
and we do not need to worry about them.  DataHaven does that for you.
DataHaven is designed for simplicity.  Install in minutes, select your prefered schedule and DataHaven will do the
rest for you.  If your computer is not online at the scheduled time - DataHaven will start your backup up the next time
you are online.  Your cloud backup storage space is scalable to suit your requirement.
Benefits of DataHaven
No fixed term agreements - month to month
Offsite storage of backups to cloud
Secure datacentres with 99.9% uptime and backup encryption
Backup PC's, Laptops, Mac and Servers
Easy to restore with your personal DataHaven applet
Fully automated
Selection of Reports emailed directly to you
South Africa GMT+2
Est. 2005