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The world is making a movement towards cloud applications and access to applications from where ever you
are is becoming more and more important.  Legacy applications struggle to offer this functionality - now they can.
Imagine accessing your accounting package, custom built application or database from where ever you are? 
How many times have you wanted to work from home - but had to copy the database
and no one else could work till you had copied it back?
Is your Head Office Accounts department overworked with Branch accounting?
Consider a RemoteApp Server.
Benefits of a RemoteApp Server
No need to buy your own Server - save on captial expenditure
Managed Server environment with weekly maintenance reporting
Housed in a secure Datacentre with 99.9% uptime
No fixed term contracts - month to month
Your own software is installed for your own use i.e Accounting package
RemoteApp 1 Server
Quad core, 200GB HDD, 6GB RAM
R 2,231.00/month incl VAT
RemoteApp 2 Server
Quad core, 400GB HDD, 12GB RAM
R 4,221.65/month incl VAT
RemoteApp 3 Server
Quad core, 600GB HDD, 18GB RAM
R 6,210.00/month incl VAT
RemoteApp User R 152.95.00/month incl VAT
RemoteApp Initiation Fee R 1,392.11 incl VAT
RemoteApp server includes:
Your choice of Windows Server 2012 R2 \ 2016, Office 2013 \ 2016, Endpoint Protection

Add DataHaven online backup to further protection sensitive data for long term storage, version control and restoration.
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